Letter to my 16-year old self

16-year old me

16-year old me

To 16-year old Danielle (though you go by Dani right now, don’t you?)


Hello there my friend

Your future self here

Thought I would check in

And see how you’re doing, dear


Before I start I should say

You’re going strong over there

But it might not often feel that way

So, some things I thought I’d share


First, I know you are 16

And therefore, are eternally wise

But listen to our parents

They know more than you realise


I know you are in love

And you’re convinced that it will last

But it has been relegated

To a distant memory of our past


I know it may not be

Exactly what you want to hear

But hindsight will show you

How much we lost ourselves that year


I know that you are

A slave to the scale

And you’ve no idea how to escape

Your body-obsessed jail


Don’t worry, child

Just keeping soldiering on

I know it’s hard, but here’s a secret

In the end, we won


I know you’re insecure

I know you aim to please

I know your need to always be liked

Spreads like a disease


Never fret, sweet girl

You will go so far

You’ll learn to love yourself

You’ll learn how valuable you are


You will learn to be patient

To be authentic, to be true

That you don’t have to be at the centre

For people to still love you


You will find your purpose

After many a mistake

You’ll learn to trust you are enough

You will find the path to take


You will do work your truly love

You will become a wife

You will discover your power

To bring your every dream to life


You’ll learn that turning 18

Doesn’t really make you an adult

Nothing will go the way you plan

And that will be the best result


I know you think one day

You may have your act down pat

But we’ve still no idea what we’re doing

And we’re not alone in that


When you feel inadequate

When you’re feeling glum

Understand one day you’ll be so proud

Of the person you’ve become


Don’t be so hard on yourself

You are doing great

The best is still yet to come

So keep your chin up, mate


All the love in the world,

Your 28-year-old self