3 ways to bring more calm into your life

Meditation is a great way to achieved a sense of calm
Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be.
— Wayne W. Dyer

We like to go fast. We like things to be done yesterday. We like instant gratification. We’re addicted to speed. But at what cost? The number of depressed, anxious and overwhelmed people is on the rise and each new advancement, new platform and new development sees a spike in these numbers. There is no longer a natural balance between yin and yang, between being and doing. Striving and achieving is the dominant energy of this world and it is up to every person to manage their own energy, to create their own calm. There are a million and one ways to do this, but here are three simple steps you can take to reclaim a sense of peace when the stress ball starts gathering speed.


·        When it feels like too much, stop. We’ve all had that feeling of being completely overwhelmed or stressed, to the point where it feels like you might explode or collapse under the pressure. Do not allow it to come to a head. Even though your brain is telling you there is too much to do to stop, stopping is exactly what you need to do. Just drop everything and do something completely different. Actively “waste” time doing something you enjoy, even if that’s just going for a coffee. Just get away until the feeling dissipates. Do not pick it up again until the tension has gone. Stress demands your attention, so do not give it.

·        Meditate throughout the day. I don’t mean sitting for twenty minutes every hour but take time regularly to be completely still and clear you mind. You can do it whilst you’re walking, on the bus, at your computer, wherever. Regularly switch your mind off so it can do a reboot. It will run better when you switch it back on.

·        Get outside. It is so easy to get chained to the desk, but there really is a reason why people tell you to “get some fresh air”. Being outside, especially in nature, is so calming. Just watch the leaves on a tree swaying in the breeze or notice the delicate pattern of a flower’s petals and you cannot help but feel the tranquillity wash over you. It is a natural antidepressant.


We truly live in the information age, and it is a wonderful time to be alive, but with each advancement in technology comes more stress, pressure, anxiety and overwhelm. With so much at our fingertips we feel there is always more we must be doing and if that energy goes unchecked, it can drive us into the ground. We have never-ending to-do lists, but nowhere on there have we added taking some time to rest, recharge, relax, regenerate and generally just be. We do not schedule time to slow down, we do not schedule time to stop, and even if we do out brains are going a million miles a second.


We must be committed to practicing this; we must be committed to making it a priority and we must be committed to finding that balance so we can continue to grow. After all, the paradox is that we must slow down if we want to go faster. We cannot pour from an empty cup.



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